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The following is a little note from Beddy Teddy to Taylor, our grandson, who had owned and loved 'Beddy Teddy' since he was a small baby and had always slept with him, travelled with him on holidays with his Nanny and Granddad....

The background to this is that when we moved home in 1999, 'Beddy Teddy' was packed in a 'safe' place where we knew we wouldn't lose him ... but we had forgotten to make a note of where, and of course forgot. In 2003 we made a concerted effort and brought down boxes hitherto unopened (I know, I know ... !) and the rest of the story is in the lines below.


Taylor ...

Itís a long time since I went away
Iíve missed you very much
Iíve longed to see you every day
And Iíve missed your loving touch
At times I really felt so sad
Iíd sing songs and Iíd pretend
That you were sitting with me -
I was still with my dear friend Ö
Then today Ö.
Ö more than three years Iíve been in that loft
With my share of ups and downs
Iíve sneezed and sniffed and coughed
In a box with a couple of clowns
Then today an exciting thing happened
The box started moving around
The next thing I knew I was hugged by your Nan
Shouting ĎGranddad just look who Iíve found!!!Ē
Now Iím happily living at Brismar
And waiting for your next visit
Iím never going to go away
Itís here in Devon that I will stay
(Well itís hardly surprising now is it?)


'Beddy Teddy




'Beddy Teddy'